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Group contributions to the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan has reached 13.8 million yuan
·Han Guang sweeteners Ltd.
·Han Guang Industrial Co., Ltd.
      Han Kuang Industrial Co., Ltd. Jiangsu predecessor suitable additives city refining plant, located in Yixing City, the Chengdong Lake, close to Lake Highway, the transport facilities. Companies covering 360 mu of land, now has 280 million yuan in fixed assets, more than 1,000 employees, of which more than 280 professional and technical personnel, professional production of petrochemical products auxiliaries. Since 1994, the row was the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Chemical Industry and the township as 100 chemical enterprises, the best value for money township enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Star Enterprise, Jiangsu Province civilized units, advanced chemical enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, with heavy contract and trustworthy enterprises, the Chinese silver OK Jiangsu Province branch of Excellence credit businesses. The year 2001 was also awarded a national 520-contract with enterprises and trustworthiness "of the high-tech enterprises," the honorary title, in 2004 a production value of 420 million, a million more than 8300 profits.
       Jiangsu Han Kuang Industrial Co., Ltd. of China-Chemical Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation sentinel manufacturers. The tertiary institutions, research units work closely with high starting point for the development of new products. East China University of Technology and the establishment of the Joint Institute of Development have formed antioxidant HG - 168 1500 tons / year, HG antioxidant - 10 (1010) 1000 tons / year, antioxidant HG - 76 (1076) 800 tons / year, the new plastic composite auxiliary 4000 tons / year, NCP9 premixes 1000 tons / year, NCP8 premixes 500 tons / year, HG stabilizer (calcium stearate) 3,000 tons / year of zinc stearate 1,000 tons / year of polyethylene openings for 500 tons / year, HG light stabilizer 200 tons / year, HG -- 98 efficient inhibitor (powder form TBC) 200 tons / year, YX - 91 diesel Cetane improver 1000 tons / year, YXM - 92 metal deactivator Series 1200 tons / year, YXS - 93 desulfurization efficiency of Series 2000 tons / year, YX - 94 SLURRY anti-fouling agent Series 1000 tons / year, oil demulsifiers HS Series 2000 tons / year, HG - 95 cold flow improver 1000 tons / year, YF - 97 preservatives 500 tons / year, HG - 18 sweetening activation of 500 tons / , YXS - 93C desulfurization decarbonization of 500 tons / year, HG - 99 delayed coking Defoamer 500 tons / year of products such as the scale of production, product amounted to more than 100 types of species, 16 kinds of products have been adopted in CST identification. And new products have won national, brand-Technology Progress Award in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province and the honorary title of high-tech products, and the Ministry of Finance of the special funding.
       After 10 years of efforts, we rely on scientific and technological progress to forge ahead and fighting in unity, based on the development of high-tech tertiary products, a new mid-enterprise level, reaching a level of technology brilliant performance, which has achieved good economic results. From the fierce market economy come to the fore, mid-doubled output and profits growing steadily, fully embodied the spirit of the Han Kuang - "True integrity of the country, and a source of sound strong."
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